Terms and Conditions for participation in trade missions to The Netherlands.

If you would like to participate in one of our trade missions, we have got a few general terms and conditions that apply. Note that these are non-limitative and can be amended or expanded on for individual events. Technical and printing errors are reserved. 
  1. Participating UK companies or organisations need to be registered with a Companies House number, conform the The Companies  Act 2006. Participating NL companies or organisations need to be registered with a KvK number, conform the Handelsregisterwet 1996.
  2. The registration form needs to be completed completely. The registration is only complete after the applicant has received a confirmation from the British Embassy The Hague. 
  3. The British Embassy The Hague reserves the right to implement a cap on the maximum number of participants. 
  4. The British Embassy The Hague reserves the right to deny new registrations after the mentioned closing date. 
  5. The British Embassy The Hague processes applications in the order they come in. The British Embassy The Hague can reject applications if, in either their, the UK Department for International Trade’s or any other organizing partner’s opinion, there are sufficient grounds to do so. This judgement is based on the company’s or organisation’s objectives, their relationship with the government, our partners’ objectives, the characteristics of the mission and a well-balanced representation in the delegation. 
  6. The British Embassy The Hague reserves the right to cancel registrations if the applicant does not supply the information needed for an orderly conduct of the organisation in a timely matter. Some examples include supplying company profiles and logos for the mission booklet or supplying a profile for the matchmaking portal. 
  7. The personal and professional data supplied by the registrant will be processed and stored by the British Embassy The Hague. By registering, the applicant accepts these terms and conditions and thus gives permission to the British Embassy The Hague to store and use their personal data to communicate about their participation and future economic missions of the British Embassy The Hague. The participant is free to retract the permission to send information on future missions at any time, either through written request or by email.
  8. By accepting these terms and conditions, the registrant gives the British Embassy The Hague non-limitative permission to publish their name, photo, contactdetails and company profile in mission related publications, including a program booklet and mission app as well as storing this data for registration, matchmaking and evaluation. 
  9. The British Embassy The Hague reserves the right to exclude a participant from a matchmaking component when a participant is an intermediate of other companies or organisations. 
  10. By registering, the applicant accepts the participation fees and/or deposits, mentioned on uktech.nl. Costs for travel, stay, transport and other individual costs (e.g. interpretation services, etc.) are not included and for the participant’s own expense. 
  11. Cancellation with a refund is possible up until 3 months for the scheduled event date. After that moment, no refunds will be possible. Other terms and conditions may apply to your event, but will then be listed on the registration page. 
  12. When the British Embassy The Hague, in consultation with the registrant, comes to the conclusion that the matchmaking component will not deliver any results despite a serious effort from both parties, the registrant can cancel their participation without charge.
  13. The participant is required to complete payment within 30 days of invoicing, or the registration will be cancelled. If this date is after the free cancellation date mentioned under art. 11 or if there are no refunds in general for a specific mission, this does not release the participant from their payment obligations. 
  14. The British Embassy The Hague reserves the right to cancel a mission for any reason the British Embassy The Hague considers sufficient grounds. Reasons can include a lack of participants, lack of attendees, or any kind of force majeur. The mission will then either be rescheduled or participants will receive a full refund.
  15. The participants is required to participate in a mission evaluation, by completing the evaluation forms sent shortly after the mission and after three months, to measure and log (economic) impact and improve programmes for future iterations.

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